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Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils

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Our perfume oils don’t just smell amazing; they feel and are amazing. They are moisturizing and long lasting. Our carrier oils are infused with our special herbal blends and then we marry this beauty with our essential oil blends and extracts.

Choose from:

Patchouli – a heavy dose of patchouli in our signature blend of skin-loving oils

Curve Ball - our version of curve for men is a complex blend of essential oils formulated to give that extra edge

ABZ - a blend of woodsy, spicy and herbaceous essential oils

Romantic Amber Lights - This seductive fragrance has sandalwood, musk and vanilla all making a scene.

Spellbound – There is no escaping the creamy scent of this beauty! Vanilla, hydrangea, grapefruit are some of the notes singing in this symphony

Lavender Lavish - smells like newly harvested lavender flowers!

Wood - All the woodsy essential oils coming together for this party

Clean Shaven - Like a shy, wise, guy, this scent is mellow, yet boldly masculine with notes of bergamot, cedarwood and musk

Nirvana – This scent screams “Freedom”! It is a blend of light, airy and earth. Floral and citrus essential oils are grounded with patchouli.

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