Our Story

Andrea Byer-Thomas - CEO of Handmade Luxuries is a native of the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda. She is an avid crafter who turned her success at managing her daughter’s eczema into a business to support her family, build generational wealth and help debunk some cultural myths.

Handmade Luxuries began as a space to offer emotional healing with cards and candles, then expanded to skincare because of Andrea’s determination to manage her daughter’s eczema, naturally. Thus, our vegan skincare products are specially made to fight and manage the menace of eczema.  Our ethos is to heal individually and communally. We harness the healing super-powers of our ancestors using only natural and organic raw materials to bring this healing.

Here at Handmade Luxuries, we celebrate a lifestyle rooted in nature’s own medicine and our rich Afro-Caribbean culture of healing!