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Avocado + Moringa

Avocado + Moringa

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This vegan handmade soap smells like a festival of spicy and fresh.

Ingredients: coconut milk, moringa tea, avocado puree, saponified oils of coconut, canola, soybean, castor, avocado, moringa, spirulina powders, aloe, coconut yogurt, kaolin clay, agave, black Himalayan salt

Avocado contains natural fatty oils that nourish and boost the skin’s immunity. Moringa is loaded with vitamin C which boosts collagen. It is known to hydrate and treat dry skin, cleanse, and purify the skin, and soothe inflammation. Avocado and Moringa are a powerful combination to help the skin fight fine lines. We add the healing and moisturizing properties of aloe vera to this bar for more eczema fighting umph.


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