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Black Beauty

Black Beauty

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This vegan handmade soap smells both sweet and earthy with notes of anise and peppermint essential oils. Its main ingredient activated charcoal is known to get beneath the skin's dermis to detoxify. It can help to clear up blackheads and acne.

Key Benefits:

Deep Cleansing: Activated charcoal effectively purifies pores, drawing out impurities and toxins for a thorough detoxification experience.

Blackhead & Acne Control: Combat blackheads and acne with targeted action, promoting clearer, smoother skin with every use.

Natural Ingredients: Formulated with anise and peppermint essential oils, our vegan soap offers a delightful fragrance while nourishing the skin with botanical goodness.

Handmade Excellence: Each bar is lovingly handcrafted to ensure quality and authenticity, making every wash a luxurious indulgence.

Ingredients: coconut milk and saponified oils of coconut, canola, soybean, and castor, with activated charcoal, aloe vera, agave, and kaolin clay.

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