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Eczema Relief Bundle - For Eczema

Eczema Relief Bundle - For Eczema

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Alleviate your eczema with our Eczema Relief Bundle! Vegans rejoice - this bundle is made with all plant-based ingredients. Our formula works to fight dryness and soothe itching, giving you relief in no time! Get ready to experience instant comfort!

Our Eczema Relief Bundle comes with:

  • 4 Bars of soaps - {one Oatmeal; one Pine Tar; one Oatmeal Avocado; one Calamine},
  • Eczema Relief Body Butter,
  • Eczema Relief Ouch Balm,
  • Eczema Relief Glow Oil.

All products in this bundle have been carefully and specially formulated to help the skin battle and overcome eczema

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